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Our ceramics are handmade from a selection of raw materials including terracotta and stoneware, brought to life by skilled artisans in Vietnam and China, using a wealth of techniques that are thousands of years old. Each of these suppliers have a rich heritage of working with clay and each country offers something unique in the way they make our collections.

“The decorative patterns are painstakingly hand painted; a slow but rewarding process that adds to the beauty of the products”.

Crafting ceramics from clay is a natural process that does not require chemicals at any stage. The pieces are crafted on a traditional potter’s wheels where all handles, jug spouts and shapes are crafted either by hand or using traditional wooden tools. The pieces are also skilfully hand painted, in a painstaking process that showcases the mastery of the artisans, with beautifully decorated unique patterns created by free hand. It is hard to get this level of skill across in words, but once you have seen one of the talented artisans at work, you will never look at our collections in the same way again.

China has a mixed reputation with a large amount of focus put on mass-market products, but the rich wealth of artisan techniques and the heritage of beautiful craftwork should not be overlooked. Our collections are artfully created using natural materials and traditional processes. The knowledge and understanding of different finishes, from understated earthenware to eye -catching reactive glazes, is astounding. It is an exciting process working with our Chinese colleagues to create our unique collections.

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