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Our Mali pottery is handmade in South India as part of a fair-trade project. The project was established in 1985 to provide training and secure employment for men and women both able-bodied and disabled, from disadvantaged backgrounds. The scheme now employs 40 people and focuses particularly on empowering women in the workplace.

All the artisans involved in the scheme are offered three years of training; the first year is dedicated to basic skills where they earn a fixed monthly salary to help ensure stability. The scheme has had a direct impact on the living standards of the artisans involved. Many of whom had limited opportunities and basic living standards when they started. The regular employment means that they have enough funds to make improvements such as installing electricity and running water into their homes as well as making a few small luxury purchases such as televisions and bicycles to help with transport to work.

“I enjoy the softness of natural clay; it is easily shaped into anything.” Poonkubi

Our Mali pottery is handmade from terracotta and dipped in a glaze. This handmade process relies on the skill and experience of the potter, where each piece is fired in a small brick-built kiln, heated by an open fire.

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