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All our jewellery is unique by design and handcrafted in Rajasthan. Every part of the process is handmade; it begins with the cutting and polishing of each stone, the creation of each bead, and the crafting of chain links and fittings. These pieces are then carefully threaded or soldered by hand using traditional techniques. We only use natural precious and semi-precious stones that are hand selected and skillfully cut and shaped.  We never use plastics or imitation stones in any of our collections.

The base of our jewellery collection is brass alloy, finished in 22 karat gold. All our jewellery is treated with an 

anti-tarnish and is hypo allergenic and nickel-free. 

Our supplier is based in Jaipur, and is owned and managed by an Indian New Yorker, who has lived in both countries but now lives permanently at home in India. He shares our passion for social responsibility and aligns with the fair trade principles, employing a mix of talented male and female artisans in a positive and 

safe working environment. 

“Each individual bead and stone have been cut and polished by hand using traditional jewellery making techniques.”

India has a rich heritage of jewellery making. It is deep-rooted in its cultural history; embedded in ancient Indian text, legends, and myths, spanning 5000 years. We feel that our collections are made by the hands of experts, honing traditional skills and techniques that have been passed down through generations over centuries.


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