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Our metals come in various forms; industrial zinc, warm copper, and golden brass. We are careful to use raw materials as we believe this adds to the quality of the final piece.

Local metal workers skilfully solder around the glass with traditional tools. This handmade process means that there are weld marks on the joins of each piece, an honest feature that we love as it tells the story of how the product is made. The impressive metal work traditionally focussed on local industry requirements. The diversification into product creation has helped to maintain a traditional skill and created an avenue for these skills to continue.

Each product relies on the skill of the artisan, combining technique with attention to detail. The metal is shaped and soldered around the glass in a fluid motion, using a hammer and pliers; a feat that takes skill and accuracy. The result is unique and we have used this technique to create an array of products from our Kiko frames and lanterns, to jewellery boxes, mirrors, and elegant storage shelves.

“The metal is soldered around the glass, a feat that takes great skill and accuracy. The speed at which a master craftsman achieves this design is a site to behold”.

We first started working with this supplier in the early stages of both our businesses and we have grown together over time creating some iconic Nkuku products together.


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